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A conversation ..

- I see a house. The entrance is closed.
There is light in the windows.
It looks as though there are windows in my eyes.
Is this what you had in mind?

- If that's the way you see it, then that's how it is,
then there are windows.

- It looks to be warm inside.
A place where you can feel at peace...

- That was interesting...

- Yes, it is dark outside, but like I said,
it is light inside.

- Of course, it is light.

- But you are not able to enter the house
because the entrance is closed...

- So you see an entrance...

- Yes, it is closed, but I have a feeling,
that if the person who lives there feels inclined to,
that person may open the door.

- Hmm. Interesting. So you mean
that there is a house with windows and an entrance
that may eventually open.


- Yes, but only if the person who lives there wants to, if this person wants this specific visitor or visitors to come in through the door. But I feel strongly that this is a castle and it does not open easily. The entrance is closed and no one enters there casually. It is probably locked.
It unlocks from within, and only if the person who lives there feels right about it. But something I have not thought of before is that at the same time this entrance is high up and has a vault like in a church. This is what is interesting, that the door
looks to be heavy and unfriendly, yet there is a light that shines within.

A third person enters into the conversation:

- One should never share all of oneself.
What I mean is that your innermost thoughts should be kept private. It is important to understand that there needs to be something left only for you.
You should not let a person enter into your most private room. I do not think it is good to reveal everything about yourself out in the open and you can see people become very unhappy when they do so. We need to keep part of ourselves secret.
No, it is not good to share everything.
Both men stand in front of a red painting. The room is filled with red paintings, but they stand before
"The Red".

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